Saturday, October 3, 2015

The 4th Day of 31 Days of Beading and Peruvian recipes..Today CHICHA MORADA

well ..until now we have the side dish, the main dish too and now we have to make the tomorrow we finish with the dessert,,,stay tune...

In Peru ..we make our organic drinks: chicha morada, agua de maracuya, agua de coco, agua de tamarindo, agua con papaya rayada, agua de naranja (naranjada), agua de limon (limonada), etc. so we never drink sodas or bottle juices, everything is fresh...
Today I will make
-Purple dry corn  ...If you going to a Latino market or Latino bodega , you will found it in a bag of 6..or maybe more, please take 3 corn  and wash it very good,
-water ..with aprox. 1 gallon  of water
-1 cinnamon stick
-1 lime (green one and big)
-1 apple,... pelled and diced in a very fine squares . Also you can use pineapple. I like apple..
-Brown sugar  (by your taste, some people like very sweet, others like try little, by little..

Lest go cook!
In a pan with water put the corn and the cinnamon stick  to boil for about 1 hour. turn off the stove and take out the ears of corn.
Pass the water in a colande to eliminate some of the corn and the cinnamon.. .now add the sugar, little by little...when the water is hot the sugar dissolve better.
Let it rest and coll for about an hour in a room temperature
Now is cool, so is time to add the juice of the lime (no yellow lemon)., at the same time add the diced apple.
Put in the frigider to coll..umm deliciosa....more please..

My 4th Jewelry design...
In the North of Peru , ther is a City where you eat the more delicious ceviche and all the food is very good, Also they are famous for their dance the ladies wear big white dresses with large earrings. My design from Today is a recreation of this earrings..Sadly I was teaching a class and somebody stole my earrings

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