Friday, October 9, 2015

THe 10th Day of 31 days beading and Peruvian recipes...Today:CAUSA RELLENA paso a paso..

Causa Rellena  de atun

1 kg yukon potatoes (pelled)
1 tea spoon of Peruvian yellow pepper paste (please try little by little,,maybe yo don't like to hot.
 – 1 lemon (green one)
– 2 cans of tuna fish
– 1 red onion chopped in little squares
– 1 cup of  Mayonnaise
-  Lettuce leaves (washed and dry)
– olive oil
-  2 boiled eggs
-  calamata olives
Lets go cook!
In a bowl mix the peeled  the potatoes and mashed, mix with hot peeper, salt and lemon (1/2 of the lemon) Knead (mix) until is no to soft, no to dry,,if is too dry , add little by little olive oil. until the dough is firm. In a separate bowl put the onion, seasoned with salt and the other half of the lemon and the tuna fish (crumbled  before) and half of the mayonnaise ..Mix .
Separate the portions and fill it with tuna fish in a mold (I make mine with the tuna fish can, I open both sides complete and only leave the round container, )
First I put some of the potatoes mix, then little of the tuna fish mix , then again a little bit of potatoes mix and press a little bit, to take out the mold.
On top put mayonnaise with a knife or spatula, then put slice of egg and 1 calamata olive..

My 10th Jewelry Design
Crochet rope 
I made this necklace with  pearls and seed beads and I am very happy with the results, because the size of the pearls is different drom the seed beads, so is curls..very beautiful necklace...

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