Friday, October 2, 2015

The Second Day of 31 days of beading and Peruvian recipes.. Learn how to make Peruvian ceviche step by step.

Today is the second day of the 31 Days of witing challenge.
I have a very good and  popular of the  Peruvian cuisine  recipe ..this recipe is from Peru..and the name is....

I love ceviche...but I cant found a good shark here. in my home town they make the best ceviche from Peru, is made with fish named TOYO (grey litlle sharks)... ok so here it go..
Ceviche is a plate made with raw fish or raw sea food in pieces and cooked  with lime maceration. You can serve with yuca, sea weed,lettuce, cancha (dry corn tosted with a little lard) .This plate born in the cost towns , where they was eating raw fish with salt and hot pepper..This recipe vary with the time and stay like the Ceviche we know now..
 CEVICHE de pescado (fish)
Is a dish with fresh fish cooked with a cold plate..No hot!..maybe hot for the hot pepper...

2 fillet of  red snappers (fish) can make it with fresh tilapia  too, but here in USA I like the red snapper.
8 limes (green ones..this is the secret, no yellow ones, no, no)
1 red medium onion
1/2 of one very hot jalapeno , chopped very fine, please do it with a glove, because the oil of the peeper stay in your hands and you will have a problem if you rubber your eyes!.

 1 yuca, peeled, cut in 4 or 6  pieces  and cook..take it out of the water and reserved.
2 fresh corn , clean and  cut in two pieces eachone and cook for about 10 minutes, take ot of the water and reserved.
1 yam..if there is red or white are better, because is no too soft..cook  and peeled after you cook and cut in slices
Lest  go cook!
wash the fish first and maybe dry it with paper towel or a clean towel,
cut the fish fillets in a little squares of 1 cm.
Peel the red onion, cut in two pieces and start making slices like a feathers..julianne...(I was doing in my hand, because I can make the more fine slices). be careful no to cut your hands...
cut the limes in half and take all the juice of the 8 limes and put in bowl with the fish , hot pepper (please try it first ..maybe you dont like to hot)and salt, mix it up and let it rest for 1/2 or 1 hour at room temperature.
..Don't worried, because the limes are cooking the the fish don't be spoil.
10 minutes before is ready add the onions in julianne.
To serve ..take aplate, put ceviche like a little volcano, add slices of yam, yuca and corn on side..
That is it..simple and delicious...

Ok now is my  second jewelry design...
I make this necklace for a bead contest around the world BATTLE OF THE BEAD SMITH 2015..
I lost in the first round, because my partner make a beautiful necklace..
I make this necklace in 3 days, but I almost die...we was having 4 months to make our pieces, but, my Mom get sick, after she die and I no was able to do anything...
The leaves are bead embroidery,the neck line is a beade rope made with superduo beads.. the cabochon is a piece of cloth that I painted, originally for to make a flat doll, but them I make a pendant,  I do peyote recreate like a veil and them I make an origami rose..(I design it and have the tutorial ) and the leaves from the rose is a shivory silk..
I was very happy with the results even I lost...


  1. Beautiful necklace, Blanchy! Love the colors~ It is like a very fancy, unique collar-- a trend-setter.~
    I have to say, this recipe I may not try-- but I love the way you give the instruction! It's like we readers are in the kitchen with you and you are directing us kindly, there! :) Also, it is interesting to know that the lime juice is cooking the fish-- cool, new fact for me. :) (And I have burned my eye with jalapeno juice dried on my hand, before-- painful!! :/ Glad you warned people about that!) Hope you have a great Friday~ :)

  2. Oh..Tiffcru...
    I don't know English very well and I am no a writer, hear your nice comments makes me feel good and continue with my recipes...Thank you very much..Blanca

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