Saturday, October 3, 2015

The 3th Day of 31 days of beading and Peruvian cuisine recipes Today RICE WITH DUCK..step by step

Good mornig..
Today is Saturday...In Peru weekends are special days because is Family days. People cook, invite friends or familie members and have a great time together...
I decide to make a good main dish to accompanied the Ceviche ..(a recipe from yesterday), ceviche is an entrance plate..
The recipe for Today is....tarammmm.....
Rice with duck..from Chiclayo
I grow up in the North of Peru, where they make this is my  best family recipe I share with you. The way that my mother was making this delicious plate...
1 little young duck (wahs and cut in pieces) 
3 cups of rice. (I like organic rice, jasmati or texmati, coming in a container)
2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
1/2 cebolla (diced very fine)
paprika (enough to give a color to the rice)
1 teaspoon of tomate paste
Pepper and salt  (up to your taste)
fress green peas
1 medium carrot (very fine diced)
1 bunch of very fresh cilantro..please look for the one has odor..because sometimes it no smells..
wash it very good with fresh water and blended with a little bit of water..reserve..
vegetable oil.

Lest go cook!
In a pan put the pieces of duck to fried , in a medium fire and no oil..yes..I said right, no oil..because the duck has a lot of oil..
move constantly until is golden, take the oil out and cover with water and cook it for 1 hour or 2 hours if the duck is no young. Please take a look of the meat, has to be is a very hard meat! and if you dont cook enough you can no eat the meat...
After yo cook the meat, take the duck out and cover, so the meat dont be dry.. please pass the broth in a colander and reserve the broth.
 In a big pan , put some vegetable oil and when is hot put the chopped garlic and when is golden add the diced onion fried the onion until is cook, golden..add the pepper, salt and
paprika at your taste, them add the broth of the duck, them the rice (you have to wash  it), carrots, peas and cilantro, cover the rice with the broth about two fingers  (parallel fingers, no vertical are going to make a soup instead,,LOL). Cover the pan with the lid
wait and take care of the pan , when the water is evaporate, reduced  the fire in low and let it rest for about 10 minutes, them add the meat on top of the rice , cover and cook in low for 5 more minutes...In a plate put the rice like a hill and add a leg of duck in the side..if you want you can add a leaf of cilantro and a piece of abocado to are done! have to make  ceviche!  Oh gosh...deliciuos..
I miss my home town in Peru..

My jewelry design for Today is 

Mis Quince...
In Peru there is a big tradition  to celebrate the fifteen years of the girl, because she become to be  a woman and the celebration is big..big party and traditional ..everything is pink (rosado) for that they named FIESTA party..
I made this necklace for a special order for a girl who celebrate her pink party .
This necklace is precious in person...very delicate..



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