Thursday, October 1, 2015

The first Day of 31 Days of beading and Peruvian recipes. Today we cook AJI DE GALLINA step by step..

I am a a Peruvian....Bead Jewelry designer.
Today starts the 31 days of writing challenge...I am no a writer, but I want to do this because I want to write my Peruvian cuisine recipes for you...and also every day I will post  my jewelry designs.
 I do beading since a little girl, all my family was doing :knitting, beading, embroidery, paper flowers, etc. for I grow up learning from them.
I teach jewelry in local libraries, and private lessons at   my home, also I sell my tutorials.
Cooking...ummm I am not a chef..I only know that I am cooking good , because when I was studying at the University I was cooking for my friends and they was licking the plates..with that I tell you everything....right?

Do you know that Peruvian cuisine is the best of the world?....well since Today I will write for you  the best Peruvian cuisine recipes ( family recipes..)
Here is my first Peruvian recipe ...I hope you enjoy...please do this will be in heaven... Please try it...
This dish is Peruvian and was create in  1935, is made with fray cooked hen or chicken , mixed up with a hot sauce. This recipe vary with the years, but is the same taste..

 This is my favorite recipe of the Peruvian cuisine____________

 _ AJI DE GALLINA____________By: Blanca Medina

2 bay leaves
1 celery stick
8 pieces of white bread (only the white, please remove the outside brown part).
1 whole chicken (no the inside the heart, etc.)
1 carrot
1 can of evaporated milk ( Carnation, Nestle or Gloria)
1 hot yellow Peruvian pepper (you can found it in the frozen foods from Peru in the supermarkets).
1 cube of chicken bouillon
6 yellow yucon potatoes (cook and pelled)
3 boiled eggs , pelled and cut in fine slices.
Calamata olives...the best are from Peru..are in the supermarkets..
3 garlic cloves
1/2 chopped white  onion, very fine
1 teaspoon of Turmeric
1 lettuce, very fresh...

Lest  cook!!!
Take the bread and put in a bowl to soak with the milk for 1/2 an hour..them blended very fine..(reserve it).
Wash very good the chicken and cook with the bay leave, carrot and celery. Cook for 40 minutes.
10 minutes before you done with cooking, add the cube of chicken bouillon.
Take out the chicken and put the water in a colander.Reserve...
Take the cooked chicken and pull the meat in  slices of 2 cms.
In a pan put a little bit of vegetable oil when is hot, put the mashed garlic and when is gold, put the onion, cook until is tender, then add the blended yellow pepper and fried a little bit together.
Now add the turmeric to add color (yellow) and them add some  of the chicken broth.
Add the blended bread and the pulled chicken and cook in a very slow flame and you have to move it all the time, if you see it very tick them put a little bit more of the broth , until you like the consistent of the cream..has to be like a cream, no to soft, no to hard..look in the picture...
Now .. wash the lettuce, first and dry it with a paper towel. 
To serve , put lettuce in the plate, then put slices of cook potatoes and add the chicken cream.
On top put a slice of egg and a big calamata olive in the center... make the best Peruvian recipe!!!
If you have questions, please send me an email...sorry my English maybe is no good...

The Butterfly...
This necklace is a mixed media...
I make a hollow herringbone rope with a reversible and removable  pendant: you can wear both sides...Is very beautiful in person....
The pendant was made with an orange ribbon and embroidery with swarovski crystals, seed beads and little round beads. I put the Chiclet bead in the center and I create a butterfly...
And because I like long pendants I handmade a polymer clay hollow orange flower  with little strings with beads and swarovski.
This necklace is perfect to wear in the fall...because of the and browns...



  1. I'll try your looks delicious.

    1. Gracias Maritza,,you know how is my Aji de gallina...remember whe our friend from Germany lick the plate...I like this plate too much. I think I am better than a chef! right? hahaThank you for your coment Maritza, please try

  2. I will try it, too, maybe at my husband's parents house over Thanksgiving week, Lord willing.~ Sounds involved but worth it! Also, I think your English is very good. Enjoyed reading today, will be back soon, LW. *Blessings to you today. Sincerely, tlc

    1. oh..this is very nice of make me cry,,Thank you for your nice coment..Blessings to you too..Blanca

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