Wednesday, November 19, 2014

kumihimo ...

Kumihimo is a very ancient Japanese create by 550 AC .The Buddhist religion was using kumihimo cords for their religious ceremonies and for the samurais uniforms...
I make this necklace for the October kumihimo challenge.....


  1. I bought a kit ages ago, then gave it away. Same with Viking knit. I have no idea why I'm so scared to try!

    1. Lori ...Thank you for visit my blog...You should try...kumihimo is very relaxing, easy and faster to make...You can make a necklace in a couple of hours...You can use beads with 8 warps...I like viking wire ...I just make a necklace for halloween..I will post the picture soon.I have a camera in my phone and I love it, because I can share in FB and send it to my e-mail, but the memory is full, so I will buy another card to make my pictures. I like more than the regular cameras...Thank you Lori. I hope you are doing well...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I've got similar feelings of being intimidated by kumihimo, but my excuse is that I already have so make projects on my list, I'll be lucky to try by 2020.

    1. Hi Kathleen..Thank you for visit MEDIBEADS...Don't be intimidate for try and you will love very relaxing and the good thing is that you can take it everywhere to make it..Thanks again...Blanca

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