Monday, August 25, 2014

Blogger Non-Blogger Challenge Round 14

Today is the reveal for round 14 of the Blogger Non Blogger Challenge...
Our hostess for this challenge is Toltec Jewels who decided we needed two inspirations for Christmas in July. The list of the participants are here: Toltec jewels
facebook contest gallery here Toltec Jewels
I made my design inspire by the sparkles.
 Campana de Belen ---White Christmas

This necklace is a braid  rope with sparkle beads and because I like my necklaces with pendants I made an embroidery bell with a lot of bling bling..jajaja  Also I patinae the end caps, but for some reason the color don't show up very well on the picture.
The second necklace is made with crochet and beads, also because I like my necklaces with pendants I create this pine cone beaded bead. First I paint the bead with white sparkles and after I bead the bead .
I love the results. The picture is no so clear because I take it with my phone, but here is it...Thank you very much Rita  for the challenge!
Campana de Belen

White Christmas



  1. Your pinecone is totally different that mine, its very cute. I will vote for you in pine- coney solidarity

  2. White Christmas or Blue Christmas? The white rope is like a snow path in the mountain and the cone is so different! The blue necklace has more sparkle to it. I love them both :)

  3. sparkling fun or pristine snow, both are beautiful. I am partial to the pinecone though. It's very unique.

  4. Both of your necklaces are very pretty. I love the blue "bell" and the "snowy" details... Real sparkly ☼ X-mas☼ necklaces!

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