Saturday, May 24, 2014

Waxed Linen Blog Hop

Today is the Reveal for the Diana Ptaszynski's Waxed Linen Blog Hop.
I am a Peruvian and I grow up around handmade macrame : bags, jewelry, hammocks, blankets,etc.
I learn how to make macrame in Elementary school, and the first thing I make was a bag for my books, very difficult stichs (knots) ...Let me tell you that I finish with the help of my Mom and my Sister...was a big job for a little girl...

Today I make a necklace and four bracelets and I need to confess that all I make it Son was having a dentist appointment,but I am always carry with my bag of things to make..He is 15 as he can go by himself inside while I was waiting ...I make two of the bracelets with macrame..the blue, green and white waxed linen  with the blueish beads on the borders and the pumpkin one:green waxed linen with orange beads , was super easy for me..and right now I just finish all the pieces...

This is all the pieces that I make it Today. I am confident that I can finish the pieces, because working with macrame and kumihimo is the more easy thing on the world!!!

Thanks to Diana for organizing this challenge!!

This necklace is kumihimo technique (is bored!!!) ...and to make a little different I add wood beads inside , to balance the heavier of the beads I add some seed  beads and ribbon. I make a little piece of macrame too.

This bracelet was made it with crossing stich and simple knots...of course using the waxed linen and some wood beads.

This bracelet was made with green waxed linen, using the twiste macrame, using #8 seed beads to add a touch of  halloween, and adjustable knot.
 I love halloween, because I live in Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow where the big LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW was and I am always thinking on Halloween!!!

Bracelet made with knitting cord and adjustable knot.

Macrame knots, using three colors of waxed linen and adding seed beads on the edges. Adjustable knot.

This is the material I used to make this pieces of jewelry...kumihimo circle, knitting needles to make the green cord with the white skull, the main material:waxed linen and  of course my seed beads...I can't live without seed beads.


  1. Your bracelets and necklace are great! I wish I found macrame and kumihimo as easy as you! I'll keep practicing though!

  2. Wow, you were busy today. But they are all great pieces. I love the one with all the mixed macramé, kumihimo and everything. Very pretty pieces.

  3. Your pieces are wonderful. I can't believe you made ALL of these in one day? You are extremely skilled at knotting!!!

  4. Hi Blanca, I really like the wood beads inside the straps of your necklace. They add interest to this piece. The jump rings on the crossing stitch bracelet are great. My favorite piece is the twisted macrame stitch bracelet with the blue, green, and white seed beads. I am a seed bead person also.

  5. Blanca, I am so amazed at everything you did in one day! I love that necklace you made, and your bracelets are so amazing and each one is different, I don't think I could pick a favorite!

  6. What a knotting expert. One day, wow...your pieces are loverly.

  7. You were busy! I can't believe you did it all in one day! That is so great you know so many knotting techniques.

  8. You really whipped out a lot of great pieces! I love the yellow bracelet. I am a sucker for anything that color.

  9. I love your necklace. The swirled knots in the cord are awesome.

  10. These are all wonderful! Loved how you added the wood bead in the kumihimo to add some volume and weight and texture. The orange bracelet is my favorite one, light and colorful!

    I am a newbie at macrame, so I truly bow to anyone who is so proficient at it!

  11. Lovely pieces!

  12. What delightful designs! I couldn't pick a favorite, I love them all so much.

  13. Interesting soup. I love the macramé and your designs. Good work.

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