Friday, January 6, 2012

The puppeteer

About The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer is a magical film about Igor Fokin, an extraordinarily talented artist and street performer.  Igor captivates the imagination of both children and adults with a simple tilt of the wrist and flick of a finger.  He was trained in his native St. Petersburg by the last surviving Master of the pre-Revolutionary Russian Marionette Theater.   In 1994, Igor left the stifling confines of the former Soviet Union to pursue his passion in America.
Igor assembles his menagerie of fanciful wooden characters on a street corner in Harvard Square and delights audiences by breathing life into his creations.  He truly believes that each of his hand-crafted puppets has it's own unique character and the strings serve only to stop them from running away.
The Puppeteer is a powerful, moving glimpse into the art of puppetry and the passion of a brilliant artist.  The film treats the viewer to Igor's street corner magic and, following a dramatic turn of events, leaves us to reflect on life, art and the pursuit of dreams.
Running Time: 32 Minutes – English and Russian w/ subtitles

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