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No tienes donde guardar las bolsas plasticas ?

Grocery Bag Dispenser Tutorial
13. Finished!
I made and gifted a handful of these grocery bag dispenser-things to go with some more hot mitts I made from the Denyse Schmidt book. They are VERY easy and quick -- and so close in spirit to the toilet paper cozy-type grandma crafts that I hesitated drawing up a tutorial for them, but what the hey.
1. Prep fabric
Prepare a rectangle of fabric, approximately 18" by 30". Mine is pieced. The measurements do NOT have to be exact by any means! You can also use dishtowels, embellish the right side as you wish with embroidery, ribbon, buttons, etc.
2. Fold Top Edge
Fold in top edge, so that wrong sides are together, approximately 1/4" and iron. Again, measurements do not matter as long as it is even all the way across.
3. Fold Again
Fold over again to encase raw edge and iron down again. Do not sew top edge at this point. This will just make it easier to sew once it's in tube form.
4. Fold Bottom Edge Casing
Bust out some elastic. I do not measure the exact amount but you will need a length that measures at least the width of the body fabric to make things easy on you. This elastic is 1/2" wide, so I will need to fold the fabric in (wrong sides together) and press a little more than 3/4" to allow for a 1/4" seam plus room for the elastic. Again, you can eyeball this.
5. Sew Casing
Sew in 1/4" from raw edge.
6. Feed Elastic
Attach a safety pin to end of elastic and feed through the tube you just made.
7. Sew in Elastic
Sew the elastic in where it comes out the other end a little more than 1/4" from the edge, then trim the excess elastic off.
8. Bunch Fabric
Bunch the fabric toward the edge you just sewed. Again, no measurements -- maybe down to about half of the unstretched width? Then sew in the other side of the elastic and trim.
9. Pin and Seam
Turn the fabric right sides together, pin (matching seams), then sew a 1/4" or so seam. Make sure top edge is unfolded.
10. Fold Top Edge and Sew
Turn inside out (so the right side is now on the outside). Fold in along those creases you pressed in steps 2-3. Topstitch around the outside so that it catches the edge around the inside.
11. Make Handle
Make a handle for the top. For mine I cut a 2 1/2" by 17" piece of fabric, folded in half right sides together, turned inside out with a loop turner, then pressed again. You can also use ribbon for your handle to make things easier.
Another option: Forget steps 2-3 & 10, leave top edge raw and bind with some bias binding, creating a loop on one side for hanging.
12. Sew in Handle
Pin one side of handle to inside top edge, turn to right side, and sew in. Repeat with other side. Finished! Now stuff the top with all those stray grocery bags and pull them out the bottom when you need one.
Este tutorial es de dioramarama.

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