Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 days of Beading jewelry proyects

I love to is my passion..
I will be writing about 31 beaded jewelry proyects..
I teach at local libraries and at Michaels stores and soon in a college...
If I can do it, you can do it too..
Stay tune.....thank you

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

wedding on the beach

Handmade beaded pendant,  made with sea urchin shell...

wedding jewelry

Handmade bracelets  for Mom or bridesmaid. ..

Flora beaded hearts
Perfect handmade hearts for weddings, first comunion, Mother's day and graduation...
Kits are available to purchase.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hoy es el Día de la Canción Criolla en el Peru...

Hoy se celebra en el Peru...el dia de la Cancion criolla...bailando con guitarra y con cajon...
Con ganas de tomarme una chichita fresca de maiz estilo de Dora (mi vecina )... y un buen ceviche Peruano  de toyo, bien blanquito.......

Friday, October 9, 2015

THe 10th Day of 31 days beading and Peruvian recipes...Today:CAUSA RELLENA paso a paso..

Causa Rellena  de atun

1 kg yukon potatoes (pelled)
1 tea spoon of Peruvian yellow pepper paste (please try little by little,,maybe yo don't like to hot.
 – 1 lemon (green one)
– 2 cans of tuna fish
– 1 red onion chopped in little squares
– 1 cup of  Mayonnaise
-  Lettuce leaves (washed and dry)
– olive oil
-  2 boiled eggs
-  calamata olives
Lets go cook!
In a bowl mix the peeled  the potatoes and mashed, mix with hot peeper, salt and lemon (1/2 of the lemon) Knead (mix) until is no to soft, no to dry,,if is too dry , add little by little olive oil. until the dough is firm. In a separate bowl put the onion, seasoned with salt and the other half of the lemon and the tuna fish (crumbled  before) and half of the mayonnaise ..Mix .
Separate the portions and fill it with tuna fish in a mold (I make mine with the tuna fish can, I open both sides complete and only leave the round container, )
First I put some of the potatoes mix, then little of the tuna fish mix , then again a little bit of potatoes mix and press a little bit, to take out the mold.
On top put mayonnaise with a knife or spatula, then put slice of egg and 1 calamata olive..

My 10th Jewelry Design
Crochet rope 
I made this necklace with  pearls and seed beads and I am very happy with the results, because the size of the pearls is different drom the seed beads, so is curls..very beautiful necklace...

Thursday, October 8, 2015

9th Day of 31 Days Beading and Peruvian cuisine recipes..Today POLLO A LA of the best..

POLLO A LA BRASA By: Blanca Medina

1 whole chicken
1/2 medium bottle of malt (black beer without alcohol), you can found it in the supermarkets of Dominican bodegas.
2 spoons of soy sauce
2 spoons of white vinegar.
1/2 teaspoon of grounded cumin.
1/2 teaspoon of paprika.
1/2 teaspoon of ground blag pepper.
The juice of 1 lemon
3 garlic cloves , chopped and make a paste.
2 fresh Rosemary leaves chopped

Lest go cook!:
In a deep bowl, put water, enough to cover the chicken and 1/2 of a cup of salt..yes..right ..I said ...1/2 of a cup of salt, Mix well and add the chicken in this salty water to soak for about 20 minutes .
The chicken has to be open in the back if will be in the oven o a whole if will be in  the special stick in the fire .
After 20 minutes take out the chicken from salty water and rinse very fast with clean and fresh water, let it drain the water in a colander...
In another bowl put  the rest of the  ingredients and mix well,  put the chicken to macerate in his back. After 15 minutes, turn it to the other side and let it macerate for another 15 minutes. In total the chicken has to macerate for 1/2 an hour . The pollo a la brasa never has to macerate for more than 1/2 an hour...because if not...the salt of the soy sauce will cook the chicken.., ...
When you put it in the oven you can add a little more salt, but for need it, because the soy sauce is very salty.....
Take it to the oven in 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes, turn it around and leave it for another 25 more minutes (total 50 minutes).
Serve with french fries, and salad of tomato, lettuce and red onion... ENJOY.
Buen provecho!!!
Note.- Please be careful with the oven, because no all the ovens work the same.Look normal bake in the oven is 350 Fahrenheit, but this is 400 degrees.. a little more..

My 9th Beaded Jewelry Design Today  is:

The Zebra
This necklace is a bead crochet rope, I made with 11 seed beads..Is very simple, but very elegant to wear with a white or black dress...


the 8th Day of 31 Days Beading and Peruvian recipes

My 8th Jewelry  Beadwork
Bracelet Lomo de corvina
This bracelet was made with superduos and seed beads..

Lomo al horno
 1 Loin..(soft beef)
salt and pepper
1 red onion
1 bottle of red wine (good Peruvian wine)
1 stick of butter

Lets go to cook! 
soak the loin in wine..and put in the frigider  a whole night .
take out the wine , put salt and pepper and coat the loin with the butter
Add very fine dices of red onion on top
Roast on the grill for 40 minutes
Serve with salad, mash potatoes or rice...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

7th Day of 31 days beading and Peruvian recipes...LOMO SALTADO..The best Peruvian dish..

My 7th Jewelry Design is:
Beaded heart

I learn how to make this beautiful hearts at home with my mother. She and her mother was making this hearts to sell for a living and I was helping to make them, for that I learn how to make it with my eyes closed...they was making the hearts with river pearls...
I make this hearts with all kind of round stones and also with pearls a
I learn to make this heart with my mother, she was making this hearts to sell in a big fair, witch is two times a year in my home town..
nd seed beads.
All the time when I wear my only this I make puffy hearts, flat hearts, miniature hearts..people give me a lot of very nice to hear that..
Also always they request for a pattern and  classes...
I have to tell you that is only for advance beaders..
One more thing...
October for Peruvians is the purple month..why?...because the 18 of October, each year we have the more big celebration of El Senor de los Milagros and all the month of October Peruvian people in  all the country wear  purple clothes as a promise for the miracles they receive or they request....
 I dedicate this purple heart to my Lord of the Miracles!

 7th Peruvian cuisine  recipe
Today I will make 
Lomo saltado


Oh my..Lomo saltado is one of the best original Peruvian delicious...
1 pound of beef (loin)the back of the cow is the more fine meat...this is the one we use to make this dish..
1 clove of  garlic (chopped and make a paste with the side of the knife)
vegetable oil
1 red onion (peel , cut in Julianne)
salt and pepper
2 table spoons of balsamic vinager
1 big red tomato (cut in julianne)
2 Yukon potatoes (yellow potatoes, cut in julianne and fried until is cook, like french fried s..)
parsley (very fine chopped)

Lest go to cook!
In a pan put 2 table spoons of vegetable oil, heat and add the beef (cut in julianne)to saute, then add salt and pepper, the garlic paste and let saute and fried the garlic.
Add the red onion , tomatoes and balsamic vinegar... cover the pan and  let it cook for 10 minutes in a low temperature..

turn off the fire and let it rest for 5 minutes.
Now serve ,  put the potatoes first, then the beef ..for garnish add chopped parsley on top....
Serve wit  white rice .. made the favorite dish of the Peruvians!!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

6th Day of 31 Days Beading and Peruvian recipes ..Today : Locro de zapallo step by step..

Today is the sixt Day of Beading and Peruvian recipes.
This is my 6th Jewelry Design..
Bead crochet bracelet
I made this bracelet with crochet and beads..very easy and also comfortable to make while you are waiting at the Drs. office or waiting the train... I! love it

LOCRO DE ZAPALLO  (pumpkin Stew)
The best is very simple ..
1 kilo of  pumpkin (little round and yellow inside), peel and  cut in little squares
2 big  Yukon potatoes, peel and cut in a little squares
baby shrimps, clean and washed.
1 cup of chicken or vegetable broth
2 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped very fine
Fresh cheese (like feta cheese)
salt and pepper

Lest go to cook!
in a pan put a little vegetable oil, when is hot add the garlic to fried. Add the broth , salt and peeper at your taste , put the pumpkin and the potatoes and cook in medium fire  until is tender,  add the shrimp..and cook for 5 more minutes. Turn off the fire and add the fresh cheese ...Serve with rice...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The 5th day of Beading and Peruvian recipes. Today ARROZ ZAMBITO, step by step

This is a Dessert Original from Peru...
Was my Dad favorite dessert.He was always ask my Mother to make his Arroz Zambito..always remember...

Arroz Zambito..Curly rice
1/2 cup of rice
1 1/2 cup of water
1 cinnamon stick
cinnamon podwer
1 teaspoon of lard
4 granes of anisee
4 cloves
2 spoons of shredded coconut
1/2 pound of chancaca (dark sugar cake)
a hand full of raisins
pinch of salt

Lest go cook!
In a pan put the water, anisee, clove, cinnnamon stick. boil for 10 minutes.
Add the rice and cook in slow until the rice cooks..
In another pan put the chancaca and cover with water, when is dissolve add the rice, lard and raisins and cook for 5 more minutes

Serve in a dish and dust with the cinnamon powder and coconut.
My 5th jewelry design
Beaded balls
This balls are perfect made with seed beads..I love to wear  them... always receive a lot of compliments..

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The 4th Day of 31 Days of Beading and Peruvian recipes..Today CHICHA MORADA

well ..until now we have the side dish, the main dish too and now we have to make the tomorrow we finish with the dessert,,,stay tune...

In Peru ..we make our organic drinks: chicha morada, agua de maracuya, agua de coco, agua de tamarindo, agua con papaya rayada, agua de naranja (naranjada), agua de limon (limonada), etc. so we never drink sodas or bottle juices, everything is fresh...
Today I will make
-Purple dry corn  ...If you going to a Latino market or Latino bodega , you will found it in a bag of 6..or maybe more, please take 3 corn  and wash it very good,
-water ..with aprox. 1 gallon  of water
-1 cinnamon stick
-1 lime (green one and big)
-1 apple,... pelled and diced in a very fine squares . Also you can use pineapple. I like apple..
-Brown sugar  (by your taste, some people like very sweet, others like try little, by little..

Lest go cook!
In a pan with water put the corn and the cinnamon stick  to boil for about 1 hour. turn off the stove and take out the ears of corn.
Pass the water in a colande to eliminate some of the corn and the cinnamon.. .now add the sugar, little by little...when the water is hot the sugar dissolve better.
Let it rest and coll for about an hour in a room temperature
Now is cool, so is time to add the juice of the lime (no yellow lemon)., at the same time add the diced apple.
Put in the frigider to coll..umm deliciosa....more please..

My 4th Jewelry design...
In the North of Peru , ther is a City where you eat the more delicious ceviche and all the food is very good, Also they are famous for their dance the ladies wear big white dresses with large earrings. My design from Today is a recreation of this earrings..Sadly I was teaching a class and somebody stole my earrings

Aretes y mas aretes... | MEDIBEADS:

The 3th Day of 31 days of beading and Peruvian cuisine recipes Today RICE WITH DUCK..step by step

Good mornig..
Today is Saturday...In Peru weekends are special days because is Family days. People cook, invite friends or familie members and have a great time together...
I decide to make a good main dish to accompanied the Ceviche ..(a recipe from yesterday), ceviche is an entrance plate..
The recipe for Today is....tarammmm.....
Rice with duck..from Chiclayo
I grow up in the North of Peru, where they make this is my  best family recipe I share with you. The way that my mother was making this delicious plate...
1 little young duck (wahs and cut in pieces) 
3 cups of rice. (I like organic rice, jasmati or texmati, coming in a container)
2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
1/2 cebolla (diced very fine)
paprika (enough to give a color to the rice)
1 teaspoon of tomate paste
Pepper and salt  (up to your taste)
fress green peas
1 medium carrot (very fine diced)
1 bunch of very fresh cilantro..please look for the one has odor..because sometimes it no smells..
wash it very good with fresh water and blended with a little bit of water..reserve..
vegetable oil.

Lest go cook!
In a pan put the pieces of duck to fried , in a medium fire and no oil..yes..I said right, no oil..because the duck has a lot of oil..
move constantly until is golden, take the oil out and cover with water and cook it for 1 hour or 2 hours if the duck is no young. Please take a look of the meat, has to be is a very hard meat! and if you dont cook enough you can no eat the meat...
After yo cook the meat, take the duck out and cover, so the meat dont be dry.. please pass the broth in a colander and reserve the broth.
 In a big pan , put some vegetable oil and when is hot put the chopped garlic and when is golden add the diced onion fried the onion until is cook, golden..add the pepper, salt and
paprika at your taste, them add the broth of the duck, them the rice (you have to wash  it), carrots, peas and cilantro, cover the rice with the broth about two fingers  (parallel fingers, no vertical are going to make a soup instead,,LOL). Cover the pan with the lid
wait and take care of the pan , when the water is evaporate, reduced  the fire in low and let it rest for about 10 minutes, them add the meat on top of the rice , cover and cook in low for 5 more minutes...In a plate put the rice like a hill and add a leg of duck in the side..if you want you can add a leaf of cilantro and a piece of abocado to are done! have to make  ceviche!  Oh gosh...deliciuos..
I miss my home town in Peru..

My jewelry design for Today is 

Mis Quince...
In Peru there is a big tradition  to celebrate the fifteen years of the girl, because she become to be  a woman and the celebration is big..big party and traditional ..everything is pink (rosado) for that they named FIESTA party..
I made this necklace for a special order for a girl who celebrate her pink party .
This necklace is precious in person...very delicate..



Friday, October 2, 2015

The Second Day of 31 days of beading and Peruvian recipes.. Learn how to make Peruvian ceviche step by step.

Today is the second day of the 31 Days of witing challenge.
I have a very good and  popular of the  Peruvian cuisine  recipe ..this recipe is from Peru..and the name is....

I love ceviche...but I cant found a good shark here. in my home town they make the best ceviche from Peru, is made with fish named TOYO (grey litlle sharks)... ok so here it go..
Ceviche is a plate made with raw fish or raw sea food in pieces and cooked  with lime maceration. You can serve with yuca, sea weed,lettuce, cancha (dry corn tosted with a little lard) .This plate born in the cost towns , where they was eating raw fish with salt and hot pepper..This recipe vary with the time and stay like the Ceviche we know now..
 CEVICHE de pescado (fish)
Is a dish with fresh fish cooked with a cold plate..No hot!..maybe hot for the hot pepper...

2 fillet of  red snappers (fish) can make it with fresh tilapia  too, but here in USA I like the red snapper.
8 limes (green ones..this is the secret, no yellow ones, no, no)
1 red medium onion
1/2 of one very hot jalapeno , chopped very fine, please do it with a glove, because the oil of the peeper stay in your hands and you will have a problem if you rubber your eyes!.

 1 yuca, peeled, cut in 4 or 6  pieces  and cook..take it out of the water and reserved.
2 fresh corn , clean and  cut in two pieces eachone and cook for about 10 minutes, take ot of the water and reserved.
1 yam..if there is red or white are better, because is no too soft..cook  and peeled after you cook and cut in slices
Lest  go cook!
wash the fish first and maybe dry it with paper towel or a clean towel,
cut the fish fillets in a little squares of 1 cm.
Peel the red onion, cut in two pieces and start making slices like a feathers..julianne...(I was doing in my hand, because I can make the more fine slices). be careful no to cut your hands...
cut the limes in half and take all the juice of the 8 limes and put in bowl with the fish , hot pepper (please try it first ..maybe you dont like to hot)and salt, mix it up and let it rest for 1/2 or 1 hour at room temperature.
..Don't worried, because the limes are cooking the the fish don't be spoil.
10 minutes before is ready add the onions in julianne.
To serve ..take aplate, put ceviche like a little volcano, add slices of yam, yuca and corn on side..
That is it..simple and delicious...

Ok now is my  second jewelry design...
I make this necklace for a bead contest around the world BATTLE OF THE BEAD SMITH 2015..
I lost in the first round, because my partner make a beautiful necklace..
I make this necklace in 3 days, but I almost die...we was having 4 months to make our pieces, but, my Mom get sick, after she die and I no was able to do anything...
The leaves are bead embroidery,the neck line is a beade rope made with superduo beads.. the cabochon is a piece of cloth that I painted, originally for to make a flat doll, but them I make a pendant,  I do peyote recreate like a veil and them I make an origami rose..(I design it and have the tutorial ) and the leaves from the rose is a shivory silk..
I was very happy with the results even I lost...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The first Day of 31 Days of beading and Peruvian recipes. Today we cook AJI DE GALLINA step by step..

I am a a Peruvian....Bead Jewelry designer.
Today starts the 31 days of writing challenge...I am no a writer, but I want to do this because I want to write my Peruvian cuisine recipes for you...and also every day I will post  my jewelry designs.
 I do beading since a little girl, all my family was doing :knitting, beading, embroidery, paper flowers, etc. for I grow up learning from them.
I teach jewelry in local libraries, and private lessons at   my home, also I sell my tutorials.
Cooking...ummm I am not a chef..I only know that I am cooking good , because when I was studying at the University I was cooking for my friends and they was licking the plates..with that I tell you everything....right?

Do you know that Peruvian cuisine is the best of the world?....well since Today I will write for you  the best Peruvian cuisine recipes ( family recipes..)
Here is my first Peruvian recipe ...I hope you enjoy...please do this will be in heaven... Please try it...
This dish is Peruvian and was create in  1935, is made with fray cooked hen or chicken , mixed up with a hot sauce. This recipe vary with the years, but is the same taste..

 This is my favorite recipe of the Peruvian cuisine____________

 _ AJI DE GALLINA____________By: Blanca Medina

2 bay leaves
1 celery stick
8 pieces of white bread (only the white, please remove the outside brown part).
1 whole chicken (no the inside the heart, etc.)
1 carrot
1 can of evaporated milk ( Carnation, Nestle or Gloria)
1 hot yellow Peruvian pepper (you can found it in the frozen foods from Peru in the supermarkets).
1 cube of chicken bouillon
6 yellow yucon potatoes (cook and pelled)
3 boiled eggs , pelled and cut in fine slices.
Calamata olives...the best are from Peru..are in the supermarkets..
3 garlic cloves
1/2 chopped white  onion, very fine
1 teaspoon of Turmeric
1 lettuce, very fresh...

Lest  cook!!!
Take the bread and put in a bowl to soak with the milk for 1/2 an hour..them blended very fine..(reserve it).
Wash very good the chicken and cook with the bay leave, carrot and celery. Cook for 40 minutes.
10 minutes before you done with cooking, add the cube of chicken bouillon.
Take out the chicken and put the water in a colander.Reserve...
Take the cooked chicken and pull the meat in  slices of 2 cms.
In a pan put a little bit of vegetable oil when is hot, put the mashed garlic and when is gold, put the onion, cook until is tender, then add the blended yellow pepper and fried a little bit together.
Now add the turmeric to add color (yellow) and them add some  of the chicken broth.
Add the blended bread and the pulled chicken and cook in a very slow flame and you have to move it all the time, if you see it very tick them put a little bit more of the broth , until you like the consistent of the cream..has to be like a cream, no to soft, no to hard..look in the picture...
Now .. wash the lettuce, first and dry it with a paper towel. 
To serve , put lettuce in the plate, then put slices of cook potatoes and add the chicken cream.
On top put a slice of egg and a big calamata olive in the center... make the best Peruvian recipe!!!
If you have questions, please send me an email...sorry my English maybe is no good...

The Butterfly...
This necklace is a mixed media...
I make a hollow herringbone rope with a reversible and removable  pendant: you can wear both sides...Is very beautiful in person....
The pendant was made with an orange ribbon and embroidery with swarovski crystals, seed beads and little round beads. I put the Chiclet bead in the center and I create a butterfly...
And because I like long pendants I handmade a polymer clay hollow orange flower  with little strings with beads and swarovski.
This necklace is perfect to wear in the fall...because of the and browns...


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Battle for the Bead Smith 2015

I am a participant of the Battle of the bead Smith 2015.
My name is Blanca Medina and I am from Peru.
I make a bead embroidery necklace PRIMAVERA
I am in the group D
Now the voting starts yesterday true Sunday early..the public can vote you have to mark the circle I AM A BATTLE WATCHER and also vote in all the battles is required to count your vote. I am in the battle #3 ....Thanks.
Here is my necklace that I make with a lot of enthusiasm..

Here is the link to vote..
Please copy and paste to go to the link..Thanks for voting!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Battle of the Bead Smith 2015

I am very happy to be in the battle for the first time. A lot of talent here...diferent techniques, diferent textures, amazing designs..O my...we are beaders around the world...

Esta competencia es sobre trabajos con chaquiras.Participan artistas con mucho talento..
Estoy muy feliz de participar mi primera vez ... Hay mucho talento aqui..diferentes tecnicas, texturas y disenos espectaculares y maravillosos..
Here is my entrance...I make a necklace...Primavera....


Add caption

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Quince, quince...sweet fifhteen...

This necklace is a special order too for a pink party...


This necklace is a special order for a girl who is 15 and for Us the Latinos is a very big and special party.
The girl usually is wearing all pink...and also with I designed a simple but and elegant rose for her...

A beautiful heart


Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy to be in the Battle for the BeadSmith 2015!

This morning I have a big surprise that I am in the group D of the Battle for the BeadSmith 2015, representing my country...PERU...OH...I cried, but with tears of joy..., because I was accepted as a participant in this in the Battle...for me....I am a winner already, because I am competing with the most amaizingly talented beaders... and I will work hard to represent my country....My name is the here is the list of participants...
Group D

1-Neva Brown-Australia

2- Wendy Hatton-Australia

3-Regina Krawets-Australia

4-Meg Thompson-Australia

5-Rita Vellemens- Belgium

6-Aset Tsoloeva-Bulgaria

7-Milena Stoilova-Canada

8-Zuzana Hampelova Valesova-Czech Republic

9-Lucie Luuthien-Czech Republic

10-Barbara Steger-France

11-Kris Empting Obenland-Germany

12-Elena Markovski-Germany

13-Eva Csizmadia Lajosne-Hungary

14-Gaburine Kelemen Beata-Hungary

15-Zsuzsanna Lazar (Kali Gopika) Hungary

16- Diana Yum Bucher-USA

17-Coral Egeleund-USA

18-Ann Braginsky-Israel

19-Annalisa Esposito-Italy

20-Tiziana Messina-Italy

21-Daniella Presutti-Italy

22-Arianna Raffa-Italy

23-Ilenia Ruzza-Italy

24-Jolanda Violante-Italy

25-Natalja Meksriuniene-Lithuania

26-Bonita Hendriks-Netherlands

27-Cora Sparidaans-Netherlands

28-Agnieszka Rodo-Poland

29-Ioana Csiki Sava-Romania

30-Daniela Florouiu-Romania

31-Andra Marasteanu-Romania

32-Mihaela Oproiu-Romania

33-Camelia Oszlansky-Romania

34-Anastasiya Ivantsova (Kylakova)-Russia

35-Anastasia Kilmanova-Russia

36-Anna Kurzina-Russia

37-Albina lapina-Russia

38-Alla maslennikova-Russia

39-Erika sandor-Slovakia

40-Apollinariya Koprivnik-Slovenia

41-Galina Nedelcheva-Spain

42-Charina Qvarfordt-Sweden

43 Sheryl Stephens USA

44-Iha Vahlberg Orre-Sweden

45 Tatyana Mykhalchenko-Ukraine

46-Irina Slobodyanik-Ukraine

47-Dianne Dizzy DI Craknell-UK

48-Nicole Stanley-UK

49-Dee Wingrove Smith-UK

50-Blanca Medina- Peru

51-Shirley Mcmanus-USA

52-Nikki Messal-USA

53-Ileana Munteanu-USA

54-Christina Neit-USA

55-Tammy Norton-USA

56- Tina Odembo Hobbs-USA

57 Mickey parker-USA

58 Patricia Parker-USA

59 Lynn parpard-USA

60-Naan Pocen-USA

61-Jamie reynolds-USA

62-Sharayah Sheldon-USA

63-Iryna Shlapakova-USA

64-Carmen Smith-USA

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mis nuevas creaciones

Sorry... I don't blog long time... been a single Mother is no that easy. I have a job, family and home to attend.... almost no time to blog...but you know what? I have time every night and weekends to bead!!!. Beading is my passion, so always there is time for it...I am a designer in this magazine ...My beadwork is on pages 36 to 39 .please take a lookLO siento por haber estado ausente por mucho tiempo...lo que pasa que ser Madre soltera no es tan facil ....con el trabajo, atender la familia y la casa, el tiempo se me va como agua entre los dedos,pero una cosa si te digo, sabes que es? Siempre tengo un tiempito para mis mi pasion!!!
Soy integrante del equipo de disenho de ZNet Shows beads (tienda de materiales para bisuteria) . Ellos me mandaron unas piedras hechas de material reciclado con vidrio del mar, de los cuales me salieron unos preciosos collares y un lindo bracelete, los cuales se han han publicado en esta revista, especialmente para Ustedes.
Aqui les dejo el enlace para que vean todos los disenhos , tambien encontraran tutoriales gratis.
Mis trabajos estan publicados en la pagina 36, hasta la pagina 39.Hechale una miradita aqui:
Si deseas comprar algunos materiales que yo use aqui te dejo el enlance. If you need to buy some of the beads that I use in my designs, here is the link:
Gracias por tu visita.....Thanks for visiting!!!
Blanca Medina
Ahhh ..olvidaba decirles que en la Primavera estare estrenando mi nuevo blog, donde estaran publicados todos mis trabajos. Ohhhh soon I will have my new blog whith all my designs..

Sunday, December 7, 2014

2nd Annual Bead Horders Blog Hop

This is my entrance for the challenge of the Bead Horders Blog Hop...This challenge is hosted by Lori McDaniels
Sorry for the picture, but I have a bunch of cameras and I don't know how to used ...finally I take this bad picture with my phone.
This necklace was made with bead crochet technique...I used 11s. seed beads for the rope..and I was having this pendant from my grandmother I decide to make it more big with a black lace and attached to the rope...I add some black and gray swaopvskis at the end making the fringes...I love my necklace and I decide it to wear it at New Years eve...Thanks ...
The participants are here: participants

Lori Anderson (Hostess)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pavo...Accion de gracias y Navidad...

Pavo relleno con manzanas---------------Receta para Accion de Gracias

By: Blanca Medibeads

Ingredientes :
1 pavo de 5 y 1/2 kilogramos
Día de Acción de Gracias Foto: y sal
900 gramos de castañas
300 gramos de leche
150 gramos de manzanas
carne de chancho molida, mezclada con carne de vacuno(250 gramos en total)
y cocinarlas por 30 minutos,(los dos tipos de carne)
125 gramos de mantequilla
2 ramas de perjil
15 manzanas para adornar

Adobar el pavo por dentro y por fuera con sal y pimienta
Pelar las castańas y cocinarlas con la leche y dejarlas cocer por lo menos por 20 minutos.
Pelar las manzanas y cortarlas en rodajas, cocerlas coun una cucharada sopera de agua y 50 gramos de azucar, revolviendo constatemente y cuidando que no se quemen.
Cortar las castańas y molerlas finas, juntar con las manzanas y la carne,
revuelva bien, ańadir sal y pimienta al gusto. Agregue 25 gramos de mantequilla y revuelva hasta que se convierta en una pasta dura. Rellene el pavo con esto. Unte el pavo con el resto de la mantequilla por fuera. Pongalo en el horno y cocinelo bastante, hasta que se dore, por aproximadamente 3 horas y media, cuidando de mojarlo por arriba con su propio jugo regularmente. Cocine para adornar, una manzana por persona, junto al pavo.Rellenelas manzanas con la carne que esta dentro del pavo.
Sirva el pavo con las manzanas y perejil..
Buen provecho!!!
Nota: Esta receta me la dio un chef Frances, cuando Yo trabajaba en la Embajada de Chile en Israel.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

kumihimo ...

Kumihimo is a very ancient Japanese create by 550 AC .The Buddhist religion was using kumihimo cords for their religious ceremonies and for the samurais uniforms...
I make this necklace for the October kumihimo challenge.....

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Creative Sparkles Magazine...

I am a designer of ZNETSHOWS and I want to share with you that the Fall 2014 Creative Spark magazine just come out ... The magazine featuring beads by ZNetShows. Well... for now my contribution is on pages 23 and 83. Take a look at all the pretty jewelry: or you can found it in the right side of the blog...

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am very happy that my blog is about to reach 140,000 visitors from all over the world and also I have a few more followers...
I decided to make a GIVEAWAY....As you know I make swarovski puffy hearts, an online class and I have a pattern here in my Etsy shop ..also, soon will be available Ready to make kits to make this cute hearts...they are very good for all ocassions: weddings, Mother's Day, Valentine's, Christmas, Graduations. sweet sixteen. Thanksgiving and...etc, etc...
The Giveaway will be a beautiful blueish swarovski puffy heart!
The rules are here:

If you follow my blog (and I will check check to make certain that you do, if I don't find you among the followers and your name is drawn you will be disqualified), you may have one entry.
Note: sorry ..but no anonymous entries will be count.

Be sure to leave a comment...

The winner will be chosen at random on November 19th and I will allow entries right up until the minute the winner is chosen. The name of the winner be posted here on the blog in the 19th. That winner will have 48 hours to send me their mailing address. If I have not received it by then I will choose another winner.

Anyone have any questions? you can email me ...(the email is in the left side bar of the blog)
Thank you!!! Blanca
We start Today!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kumihimo Bracelet with my own polymer clay Beads

Yesterday I make this bracelet ...only take a couple hours . Was made with kumihimo technique...I add seed beads and also add my own rustic polymer clay beads that I make last weekend..

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blogger Non-Blogger Challenge Round 14

Today is the reveal for round 14 of the Blogger Non Blogger Challenge...
Our hostess for this challenge is Toltec Jewels who decided we needed two inspirations for Christmas in July. The list of the participants are here: Toltec jewels
facebook contest gallery here Toltec Jewels
I made my design inspire by the sparkles.
 Campana de Belen ---White Christmas

This necklace is a braid  rope with sparkle beads and because I like my necklaces with pendants I made an embroidery bell with a lot of bling bling..jajaja  Also I patinae the end caps, but for some reason the color don't show up very well on the picture.
The second necklace is made with crochet and beads, also because I like my necklaces with pendants I create this pine cone beaded bead. First I paint the bead with white sparkles and after I bead the bead .
I love the results. The picture is no so clear because I take it with my phone, but here is it...Thank you very much Rita  for the challenge!
Campana de Belen

White Christmas


Saturday, August 2, 2014

The butterfly...

The Butterfly...
I just finish now  my necklace .Is a mixed media...
I make a hollow herringbone rope with a reversible and removable  pendant: you can wear both sides...Is very beautiful in person....
The pendant was made with an orange ribbon and embroidery with swarovski crystals, seed beads and little round beads. I put the Chiclet bead in the center and I create a butterfly...
And because I like long pendants I handmade a polymer clay hollow orange flower  with little strings with beads and swarovski.
This necklace is perfect to wear in the fall...because of the and browns...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I make a Beaded group for handmade jewelers around the world
This is the link to the facebook group...maybe you need to copy and paste...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Making hollow beads...

Well ....I am on vacations and I supposed to be resting like him....but I can't , because I have a passion for the arts and I need to make something.
I am making some rustic  clay beads for Halloween...I am trying to make beads create by  me...soooo I make this jack o lantern beads...I want to make to sell in the October fest here in a local fair.
Also I make a heart and I love it...Also I am trying to make some hollow bottles...I am thinking to put some roses inside...
This is what I make during my least I am no running early in the morning to take the train and lazy get up after 8 a.m. is sooo good to sleep a little bit more...but is only for a short time and then the school starts in September and the races start by 6 a.m....Have a nice week... Blanca free counters

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